Track and Road Cycling

Track and Road Cycling

Track Racing

Blue Cube Racing Bike

Many people don’t know a lot about track racing, track cycling is a sport which is usually held on banked tracks or velodromes. There are many different velodromes based around the United Kingdom. Tracks in a velodrome usually consist of two 180-degree circular bends. The stated size of an international standard velodrome is 250m such as the one held in Manchester, each corner of the track is made banked this will allow the riders competing to keep the same speed when going around the track this will allow riders to reach speeds up to 50mph.  Many people ask if cube cycles have brakes? This question is asked by many people, there is two type of race bikes both a freewheeling bike and a fixed gear bike. A freewheeling bike will not usually have brakes and the only way to stop is by crashing, however, a fixed gear bike will be able to slow down however is not a safe way to do so due to the pedals being locked to the back wheel in both directions of the bike so the only way to stop is locking your legs.

Road bikes

Road Racing can be seen very like track racing however they are very different. One of the main differences is road racing is held on roads and track racing is held on tracks so conditions of the surface are very different, road racing is more popular and the more professional way of bike racing as there is an increase of numbers and competitors each year. Road cycling is more of a widespread way of cycling.  Road cycling is becoming a more popular sport as time goes by with more people choosing a healthy lifestyle riding a bike is one of the easy ways to keep fit however maybe you want to take it that step further. Many competitions are based on local areas for anyone to compete in a bike race however it is not as easy as it may seem.There are many clubs around the UK you can join and get access to each of these cycling events.